2014 has brought a fresh new perspective and it’s been a truly freeing as I’ve been embracing Simplifying my Home. It’s really been a process this past year in realizing how much happier I am living with less and making sure that the items I do own are purposeful and items I enjoy especially since I plan to sell my 1600 square foot townhouse in 2015 and move into a 500 square foot condo. I enjoy my home, but find that it’s far more space than I really need and would really like to spend less time cleaning and reorganizing as the Minimalist Guys would call it my “superfluous” items. Plus, you find that the more space you have the more items you subconsciously try to fill the space with.

I also find myself traveling more usually only about an hour or two away in my free time and I only take what I need ie: sleeping bag and pillow, just enough clothes for my weekend adventures + 2 extra outfits, a cooler with food and my dancing gear. It’s enough that it fits in the back of my versa hatchback and I’m truly content with just that. Although I don’t think I could live that minimal every day, it’s a freeing feeling knowing that yes I can in fact be happy living with that little.

 I spent a lot of time sorting and pairing down these past 6 months and I still have a ways to go. Looking back at my list of items we’ve sold and even given away it’s a pretty long list, and knowing that there is still a ways to go is a bit overwhelming, but I’m ready to take on this new adventure of embracing a simplified home and will continue on this path.

I plan to use this journal to keep track of my journey to Simplifying my Home and a base to show all the items we have up for sale.  Please know that our goal is not to sell you items that you don't need, but to present items that you may find useful and lovely that will enhance your home and not add to your daily aggravations or chores. Before posting each item we take time to review what the item is currently selling for new and used and then base our pricing comparable to those numbers based on the condition of ours. As a Seller I consider this a very important aspect since when I’m buying something secondhand I always do my reasrch before purchasing and I want to make sure that our pricing is fair.

We have additional items for sale through eBay and Amazon.  To see what we have in stock click on the image in the "our store" section in the right column. 


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